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Dr. Jeff Thaxton

Dr. Thaxton has studied under some of the industry’s best plastic surgeons in New York City and Vail, Colorado. He brought his skills back home to West Virginia where he treats patients with world-class techniques, and a bedside manner that makes all of his patients feel like family.


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Very pleasant and knowledgeable staff. The wait time was excellent!
When I looked in the mirror at my sagging face, neck and jowls, I knew it was time to travel to West Virginia to be evaluated for a possible facelift.

I have seen Dr. Stewart for approximately 10 years dealing with issue of “growing old”. He and his staff have always been very professional and honest about what services I needed. I trusted him and knew I was always in excellent surgical hands.

Months after my surgery, my face continued to look younger and younger. Now 6 months post-op I must say I am so happy I made the decision to have Dr. Stewart perform the surgery. All I can say is no scarring around the ears is a dead giveaway and looking years younger.

Thank you Dr. Stewart and Staff.

The entire staff is top notch! WOW, I’m thrilled to have been your patient! Dr. Stewart and staff were amazing!! I had a great experience! Everything was excellent!
Penny L.
I was lucky enough to have both Dr. Thaxton and Dr. Stewart perform my operation. My results are amazing. My body is completely transformed and I could not be happier. In addition to being happy with my results, the patient care & compassion of the physicians and staff at this office is amazing.
I highly recommend both Dr. Thaxton and Dr. Stewart.
Kim D.
Dr. Thaxton is a wonderful plastic surgeon. He tries to make sure his patients are satisfied with the results. He is caring and makes his patients feel comfortable and special. I would recommend him to anyone. He changed my life. I will always be grateful.
Shirley G.
My name is Teresa and I am 53 years old. I am in excellent health and before I had the face/neck lift I felt I was attractive, but I wanted a more youthful appearance.
I believe any type of cosmetic surgery should be a very personal decision. Every factor involved in the procedure should be considered, such as finding a trusted doctor, the procedure(s) to be performed, as well as the expected versus actual outcome. Everyone is different. I trusted Dr. Stewart to perform my face/neck lift because he performed my breast augmentation in 1991. I have not developed any problems and I am still completely happy with the results 16 years later. Throughout the years, on special occasions, he has also given me Botox injections. He is an awesome doctor, easy to talk to, and very gentle. The night before my face/neck lift he called me to inquire if I had any concerns and even left a note in the complementary take home bag stating, “Teresa, you did great! See you tomorrow.” He cares. He has a very friendly staff and they have always taken the time to answer my questions.
I am so pleased with my new appearance; my jowl area and my neck look amazing. I cannot say enough about the expertise and the bedside manners of Dr. Stewart and his staff. Thanks to them, I am looking my best!
Teresa H.
My experience with my facelift has been so easy, and the results speak volumes for Dr. Jeff (Thaxton). Thank you for all you have done for me and giving me back my confidence.
Wilda R.
After having my daughter I was less than thrilled with what gravity had done to my breasts. I was so excited when my husband offered a breast augmentation for my 40th birthday. We began our careful search for the right surgeon in our area and found Dr. Stewart. During the consultation, he was ever patient with my endless questions and answered every one of them. He helped my husband and I pick a good size for my frame and the date was set. As the date neared, I must admit I started getting scared, but again, Dr. Stewart and his team were always there to answer any question I had. The day of the surgery was pretty simple. My husband was on hand for support and help. I honestly don’t remember much from that day. The nurse anesthetists were just that good. And Dr. Stewart and his team did a flawless job. The healing process was fairly quick. My left breast took a little extra time to feel right, but even then, Dr. Stewart and his team were right there answering any concern I had and prescribing medicine to help with the pain of healing.
Now here I am, 5 months post-op, and I am thrilled with the results. I went from a medium B to a full D. I had a drooping problem with one breast prior to surgery. Dr. Stewart suggested a possible lift needed later, but in the meantime, he used high profile implants when doing my surgery and the droop is not an issue anymore! I would recommend Dr. Stewart to anyone looking for a change, whether small or large, to improve their look, health and their self-esteem. My “girls” are my favorite feature now, and 6 months ago I would’ve never dreamed that to be possible.
Samantha D.
I am very pleased with my surgery. My doctor (Dr. Stewart) was awesome. They did a great job, and they also treated me extremely well. The results were much better than I expected.
Carol H.
Initially at 57, I thought I was too young for a facelift, by my husband kept asking, “Why are you frowning?”. I wasn’t! So, I inquired from several friends where they went for ‘work’ and they referred me to Dr. Stewart. I couldn’t be happier with the result and I am glad I went for the whole ‘shebang’ – a full facelift.
Barbara W.
While I had read that having Botox injections felt like a bee sting, my first experiences with another doctor were very painful. Even with the numbing cream that was given to me to be applied 30 minutes prior to the injections. I always came out of this other doctor’s office with pain and bruises. I decided to give up on Botox until a friend of mine told me to try Dr. Stewart. I must say I was a little apprehensive when Dr. Stewart started injecting me, anticipating a lot of pain since there was no numbing cream applied. But to my surprise, his gentleness and technique required no numbing cream! I came out of his office like I always do, pain free and with no bruising! I am so pleased with Dr. Stewart and his caring staff. My results have been astounding!
I felt I looked so tired and unhappy. Makeup just wouldn’t help. It happened gradually until I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t even see my eyelashes anymore. My husband said I aged 10 years in the last year. When I went to Dr. Stewart, who was referred by my optometrist. I felt he could really help me, and he did. I feel happy and that I look really good.
LaVeeda A.
From my first consultation with Dr. Stewart, and through my entire experience, I couldn’t be happier. The skill and professionalism of Dr. Stewart and his staff are amazing. Everything was fully explained to me and they were eager to answer any and all questions I had. I was treated with genuine kindness and friendliness. They are truly the best. I will definitely recommend them to everyone.
Lida W.
It’s been 11 weeks since my breast augmentation and 6 weeks since my abdominoplasty. For the first time in years, I like the way I look. I feel beautiful and confident. Dr. Stewart and his office staff are amazing. They treated me professionally while adding that personal friendly touch to every visit. Dr. Stewart and staff are very kind and positive. During my pre and post op appointments for both procedures detailed explanations were given for all of my questions. I have been asked many times if I would do the procedures again; I absolutely would! It’s life changing!! I highly recommend Dr. Stewart and his experienced staff!